2011. augusztus 7., vasárnap

FRISS HÍR: Pont a lelőtt helikopterben volt a Bin Ladent likvidáló SEAL Team 6 mind a 20tagja

Több, mint furcsa: Az Afganisztában lelőtt helikopter 31halottjából 20fő az Osama Bin Ladent likvidáló SEAL Team 6 tagja volt. Mostantól akik tudtak valamit,...halottak... CIA ??? ááá dehogy
'Navy Seal Team That "Killed" (Didn't Kill) Osama Bin Laden Now All Dead'

'31 American military personnel were killed when the Boeing Chinook helicopter in which they were flying crashed in Afghanistan. Of the thirty-one killed, twenty were members of SEAL Team 6.

More importantly, I’ve been reliably informed (by a retired Colonel, US Army intel) that these very same operatives were the men who allegedly killed Usama bin Laden recently in Abbottabad. [NB: Seal Team 6 is an ultra-elite group of "black" operatives who exist outside military protocol, engage in operations that are at the highest level of classification, and often outside the bounds of international law.]

The official story is that the Taliban shot down the chopper. I have my doubts (as do many others far more savvy than yours truly).'

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