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1. "Egyetlen támadás nem lesz elég, hogy Izrael megállítsa a nukleáris Iránt" - nyilatkozták ma Izraelben (miről is írtam 3 nappal ezelőtt?)

 Israel “could not stop” nuclear Iran with one strike --- WHAT ???? (Full original article)  

August 29, 2011
Israel would not be able to halt Iran’s reported quest for atomic weapons with a single strike, a senior Israeli defense official said on Sunday.
Israel and the West suspect Iran is trying to use its nuclear program to develop atomic weapons, a charge denied by Tehran which says it wants to generate electricity.
Both Israel and the United States have hinted they might consider taking military action as a last resort to stop Iran getting the bomb.

2. Nyissátok ki a szemeteket és láthatjátok mi folyik Líbiában : Így tesznek tönkre országokat, ölnek meg ártatlanokat a globalista hatalmak érdekében. - Líbia az évtized legnagyobb becsapása.
Líbiai emberek kiáltása nem hallatszik ki, de kérik a világ vezetőit, hogy a NATO állítsa le a légicsapásokat, a pusztítást és a gyilkosságokat és a MÉDIA fejezze be a hazugságok terjesztését, amik csak kizárólag a Bank-Maffia, multinacionális cégek és olajtársaságok érdekeit szolgálják. 

Az egyik legnagyobb csalás ki is derült, mert ennyire hülyének nézi a BBC az embereket:
Úgy mutatták a BBC híradójában 2011.augusztus 24-én a felkelőket ünneplő tömegeket, mintha az Tripoliban lenne....a gond csak az, hogy a felvételen indiai zászlókat lengető indiaiakat láthatunk !!!!

America Must See! FAKE YouTube Twitter Accounts From Libya- Manipulated Social Media 
We dare you to watch this video released in march about the manipulated social media orchestrated to sway the public on Libya. We have been tracking this arrogant display of ignorace for months now, as fake accounts, fake (created) footage, and even videos from the police perspective, all with the goal of portraying a false story to get Ameicans on board with the killing machine. 

This might be a surprise to you, if you live in the West, but the media is lying to us about Libya. The entire "civil war" was manufactured by a CIA EU UN psyop intervention into a young student movement. Gaddafi is not their president, he is the inspiration of Libya (and much of the arab world). The traditional people ofLibya LOVE him. It's the New Thought community, that craves western culture, music, movies, and progressive ideals, that is fighting against Gaddafi, and the UN jumped in to empower that movement.

Gaddafi asked for a fact finding mission months ago, but he was denied. Since the media is controlled in the West, they are portraying a FALSE message to the American people. 

libya- Movie sets, fake videos and pics, death threats to journalists

Picture source:http://cyaegha-c.livejournal.com/460657.html 
Surpassing previous mass media fabrications, both in scale and boldness, yesterday morning's Al Jazeera mise-en-scène will surely go down in history as one of the most cynical hoaxes committed by corporate media since the manipulated pictures of Iraqis topplying Saddam Hussein's statue after the US invasion in 2003.

On the morning of August 22nd 2011, Al Jazeera aired a 'live' report from Green Square in Tripoli,which claimed to show the capture of the Libyan capital by rebel forces. Scenes of jubilation and euphoria enveloped Al Jazeera's reporter Zeina Khodr as she declared: " Liya is in the hands of the opposition''

The images were immediately reproduced throughout the global media complex, with headlines trumpeting the 'end of the Gaddafi regime' and editorials throughout the corporate media world speculating about the post-Gaddafi future of Libya.

Gaddafi's sons were said to have been arrested, and more defections were announced. The Libyan capital was, we were told, now in the hands of the rebel forces. For many, it seemed a fait accompli.

In fact, the Al Jazeera pictures from Green Square were an elaborate and criminal hoax. The report had been prefabricated in a studio in Doha Qatar . This information had been passed onto Libyan intelligence and theLibyan people had already been warned about the qatari psyops a couple of days previously on Rayysse state television.

The Al Jazeera hoax was intended to create the impression that Tripoli had fallen so as: 

(1) to break the Libyan resistance by creating panic and chaos in the Libyan captial.
(2) to provide cover for the massacres of civilians that would occur in the days following the declaration of rebel victory.

In other words, the media would provide cover for the war crimes and crimes against humanity that are necessary in order to subjugate the Libyan Jamhahirya to Western corporate interests.

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