2011. augusztus 8., hétfő

3 hatalmas napkitörés tart a Föld felé

High Alert as Third Solar Storm Hurtles Towards Earth (Original Article)

'Three large solar explosions from the Sun are threatening to cause chaos on earth, with energy from the release potentially shutting down communications systems and power grids across the world.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration -- a U.S. agency that focuses on the condition of the oceans and atmosphere -- said the magnetic storm that is soon to develop would probably be in the moderate to strong level, prompting warnings it power operators and other industries that could be affected.'

"The first of the three solar explosions from the sun already passed Thursday and Friday with little impact but forecasts are calling for the second, passing this weekend is thought to be stronger.
But there is a third coming this week."
"We'll have to see what happens over the next few days," said Joseph Kunches, a NOAA scientist. "It could exacerbate the disturbance in the Earth's magnetic field caused by the second (storm) or do nothing at all."
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