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MINDEN AZ ELENINről és jelenlegi helyzete

Now in latest development the comet has grown. Now the diameter of it’s outer coma exceeded 200,000 km/1,24,274 Miles of course, at this time we have only low resolution images, but they still allow us to estimate its current size. 

We want to remind you that the outer coma, it’s very discharged gas envelope, not the nucleus itself, estimates of the nucleus size has not changed.
On the left picture you can see the comet itself, as well as the angular size of the Sun, if it was located at the same distance as comet.Impressive? Source: spaceobs.org

We want to remind you that Elenin comet (C2010 X1 ) is a long period objects in elliptical Orbit:  long period Objects are a big danger for the inner Planets.
NASA Elenin 2011 Comet - Planetary Alignments with Comet Elenin Causing Big Earthquakes

There seems to be a pattern forming every time Elenin lines up with Earth and another planet or the sun we have an earthquake, the nearer Elenin gets the bigger the earthquakes.

Past Alignments

Elenin - Earth - SunFeb 20 2008Indonesia7.4
Elenin - Earth - SunFeb 25 2008Indonesia7.2
Elenin - Earth - NeptuneMay 12 2008China7.9
Elenin - Earth - SunFeb 18 2009Kermadec Islands7.0
Elenin - Earth -JupiterMay 18 2009Los Angeles, US4.7
Elenin - Mercury- EarthJuly 15 2009New Zealand7.8
Elenin - Mercury - EarthAug 09 2009Japan7.1
Elenin - Sun - EarthSept 09 2009Sunola islands8.1
Elenin - Earth - VenusFeb 18 2010China/RU/N.Korea6.9
Elenin - Earth-SunFeb 25 2010China5.2
Elenin - Earth-SunFeb 26 2010Japan7.0
Elenin - Earth- SunFeb 27 2010Chile8.8 [Earth knocked off axis]
Elenin - Earth- SunFeb 27 2010Argentina6.3
Elenin - Earth - MercuryMar 04 2010Taiwan6.3
Elenin - Earth - MercuryMar 04 2010Vanuatu6.5
Elenin - Earth - MercuryMar 05 2010Chile6.6
Elenin - Earth - MercuryMar 05 2010Indonesia6.3
Elenin - Earth - MercuryMar 08 2010Turkey6.1
Elenin - Earth - NeptuneMay 05 2010Indonesia6.6
Elenin - Earth - NeptuneMay 06 2010Chile6.2
Elenin - Earth - NeptuneMay 09 2010Indonesia7.2
Elenin - Earth - NeptuneMay 14 2010Algeria5.2
Elenin - Earth - JupiterJan 03 2011Chile7.0
Elenin - Earth - SunMarch 11 2011Japan9.0 [Earth knocked off axis]

Future Elenin Alignments:

Future Alignments

Aug 31 2011
Comet Elenin will become visible by the naked eye
Elenin- Mercury - Mars
Sept 06 2011

Sept 14 2011
Comet Elenin (tail may touch Earth) will pass between the Earth and Sun
Mercury - Sun - Elenin
Sept 25 2011

Sept 26 2011
Elenin's minimum angle to the Sun will be 1.9º.
Oct 8 2011
Elenin will make its closest apparent pass in the night sky to Comet 45P/Honda
Oct 11 2011
Elenin 0.246au from Earth; that’s a quarter of the distance to the sun.

Oct 17 2011
Elenin closet to earth 0.232au

Oct 20 2011
Elenin will enter Earth orbit and we will experience a gravitational pull.

Nov 02 2011
Earth will enter Elenins tail/ previous path
Venus - Earth- Elenin - Mercury
Nov 11 2011
Sun - Mercury - Earth - Elenin
Dec 04 2011
Mars - Elenin - Jupiter
Dec 25 2011
Last Alignment
June 21 2012
Elenin - Earth - Sun
Dec 21 2012
Scientific paper on planetary alignments causing Big Earthquakes:

According to Mensur Omerbashich he used the comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) for his research, as it has been adding to robustness in terms of very strong seismicity since 2007 (in terms of strongest seismicity: since 1965).

The Elenin will continue intensifying the Earth's very strong seismicity until August-October, 2011. Approximate forecast of earthquakes based on my discoveries is feasible. This demonstration proves my hyperresonator concept, arrived at earlier as a mathematical-physical solution to the most general extension of the georesonator concept possible. read it all

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