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Clear commitment and opinion about the obligatory colonisation of immigrants and the referendum

I will try to express myself really short (this will not be successfull) and especially clear, as many of you asked me that apart from the several articals and correlations, I should also write down what I think about the referendum (to be held on th 2st of October 2016) and what will I do.

As always, I am curious about your opinion and I hope that others will respect mine, as this issue is not a matter of political parties for me, but a network of wider and greater correlations.
I really hope, that those who are here for years now, are far beyond the parties’ divisions and do not make their decision based on the TV, some posters or XY’s words, but on their consciousness and knowledge.

Now I am telling you my opinion… What is more I start with it, so those who are only curious about this will not have to read the other thoughts, however I hope you will not ignore them nor leave them without a comment.

To the referendum to be held on the 2st of October 2016. about the colonisation of near eastern and african immigrants and their obligatory reception:

<<< Don't risk! Vote for NO 
Those who know me or read my articles long time ago know very well, that I always cared about the fallen and vulnerable people, especially about the life of unfortunate humans whose countries were destroyed and exploited by the west in the Near East and Africa regions. Thus I always tried to highlight these acts and report about the historical correlations authentically, so I shared plenty of articles, reports, news and videos about Syria, Palestine, the Near East or the ISIS.
If someone asks me in person, I can not stop talking about the arabic states, the wars of west, the creation of ISIS, Abu Muszav al-Zarkavi or about the attackes against yasidis or christians, about jews… about the ongoing plans of back power (top of the pyramid or Illuminati)… I do not even continue…

But this time it is totally about something different than the refugees. 
We all know it well, that reception or distribution can not be the solution, it only creates chaos and destruction, furthermore it is oil to the fire, because it inspires everyone to set forth, as the ”life quality”, ”money, flat, steed and blonde women” are granted for free in Europe (I am writing this, because this is told for many of them when they are roped in)….

In several articles, many times even before the occurence of the events, I wrote what the expectations were. 

Because of this, in the centre of the European Union it was never a purpose to solve any problem, but to infest Europe with immigrants… This process not JUST OCCURED accidentally and uncontrolled, but PLANNED, and it WAS and WILL BE EXECUTED with Merkel’s participation. Because the chaos is the goal before the next phase can be initiated! That’s all… Everything else is just rubbish and misleading before the final game!

In consequence of the wars of the West, the Sunni-Wahabi interests and the stupidity and open boarder politics of Europe, we are facing with a double humanitarian catastrophe…. It both happens if they come to Europe or if they are trapped there…
In the first case european civilization will be the victim, in the second themselves. Sadly the wars and terrorism can not be stopped, as these two are the most crucial elements to run the pyramid by the elite…. and to execute the next phase….
„We decided to do something, and we let it stand in the room for a while, to see what happens. I
f there is no great dissatisfaction, nor rebellion, because the majority of people simply does not understand, what we have decided, we go further. Step by step, untill there is no time to come back.” 
(Jean-Claude Juncker)
 "When it becomes serious, you have to lie."

Now the main point: Why I vote for NO

At a glance, it is so obvious, that it does not need any posters nor politicians. It is a simple yes or no question:
If the time comes, when the European Union makes the decision:

1. Yes, I would prefer the colonization of near-estern and african immigrants!

- 2. No, I would not prefer their colonization.

As a hungarian, but as an admirer of the world’s diversity and multicolourness I have to say it is not a political parties’ issue, but the hungarian nation and the future is the stake.

These are great words, also used by politicians, but exceptionally lots of them now telling the same that I personally think: In connection with the events in Europe, everyone should see really clear, that there are two options to choose from:

1. 1. Hungary needs this, and we keep the gates opened in front of the realistic threat, that was caused by the islamization of Europe.

2. 2. We do not want nor need this. We will decide if we need plenty of thousands of african or near-eastern immigrants...

Why would we make the same mistake, that one or many other countries made and now suffering from its consiquences? If we see that where that process takes and what great nations became on the altar of multiculturalism, I say God protect Hungary from that….

I vote for NO, because in harmony with my national commitment and the protection of values, I do not want to see in my home country, what is already the reality in the suburbs of Brussels, Paris, Stockholm, Rotterdam, Birmingham, London or Palermo. I do not want this for my family, my loved ones or for their grandchildren. It is so simple…

I do not want to whine subsequently, like the nationally committed west-european people, who see what Rotterdam, Malmö, Stockholm or Paris became like! Somehow there are such districts, where an english, a french or a swedish man looks around and asks her/himself:

„Oh my God, how did things get until this, who are these figures in my street, in our school and how can we let them to do this with my country? I would like to change this immediately!”

Europe was sacrificed on the altar of politcal correctness
Maybe we can do something for now! Practically the european and especially western people have lost their instinct for life in the great spoiled confort they live in… and as a result of the liberal-globalist brainwash and propaganda through the decades, that wanted to turn everyone into a cosmopolitan, where nothing counts only the individum, the individual self-development and being pushy, only for the capital and the profit.
A lot have happened since then and a lots of politicans made speeches…. It can be seen clearly who represents what, or serves what kind of interests. The only benefit of this immigration invasion was that it has clarified the affiliation of the social and political groups and individuals as well… Furthermore it established the opportunity for 15 million hungarian to see what would be in case of we would make the decisions….
The only positive benefit, but the best of the best!
The only thing I can not understand, how can someone not see the difference between the situation in western-europe - living in continous threat and uncertainity (so any time the fanatic who-cares which generational terrorist can attack you) and situation in Hungary? That is far not perfect of course, but compared to Luton or Molenbeek it is ground and sky!
Why it can not be admitted that SAFETY is a great value? Actually the most important value nowadays!
Actually this safety is partly because our southern green borders are closed and there are no hundreds of thousands of immigrants rumbling around uncontrolled! We do not want to establish a belgian-congo style Brussels or a suburb of Paris in Hungary!
Who can not understand this simple fact??? Good question, right?
Or she/he understands it, but prefers to support the muslim extremists… (and of course the plans of the puppets from the EU, who want to put an end to the national state frames…)
For today we are witnessing a stunning and meaningless self destruction, but we do not have to participate in that! 
The consiquence of this abnormality and destruction can be seen in the whole Western Europe and Scandinavian region, where police not dare to act in the districts dwelled by immigrants, to avoid getting the accusation of foreign hate... Where officers, emergency crew and fire fighters are attacked….

"Palermo is no longer an italian city. If you walk on the streets you can feel yourself in Beirut or Istambul”

In Belgium, where it is prohibited to make a perquisiton at night in order the respect criminals’ right for rest, or in Calais, France, where, for the great shock of british, it is prohibited to inspect camions with x-rays to avoid damage to the immigrants’ health.
But apart from Belgium we could also talk about Rotterdam, Netherland…, Oslo, Norway.. etc.

Europeans exploited and destroyed the world, and after Latin-America, the Near-East was ravaged by the USA and Israel! This could not be done without consequences…
And the consequences are now knocking at the entrance….

They have sent immigrants to Europe, because they have a purpose!
The USA has ignited the civil war in Syria for 7-8 years now, but somehow the refugees (and the extremists among them) did not came to Europe until now! Last year they started to send millions of them to Europe knowingly and well organized!

Like pressing a button! As I said that time: Plenty of millions of dollars are spent for this immigration plan and given in for some people in cash….
Since then it became obvious supported by evidences (Soros), I do not have to detail it. When I first wrote about it, it was called conspiration theory, for today it is a proven fact.

Those, who are against the PLAN are immediately get the extremist, populist, nazi, antisemitist, unortodox etc. attribute and then come the threats, cutting money, etc…

It is enough to think about the fence on the border. It was really instructive to observe the western and inland reactions. As we could see the fence is the smallest bad, but it has still worked and working as of today as well! Until now it stopped and diverted immigrants… Since then every normal country does the same as Hungary… Even Austria, who attacked most the hungarian solution!

I do not think,
that standing out against the colonization and uncontrolled admission of near-eastern and african immigrants, protecting the Schengen borders and the application of existing agreements would be nazi or hate generating…!
Majority in Hungary DO NOT WANTS to experience this immigration invasion and hundreds or thousands of muslims illegally rumbling through the country because of the posters, but maybe this time the government really represents the opinion of the majority!
The majority of the people think sober and simply does not want to live like the suburbs of Paris or Stockholm! Especially not like Molenbeek, Brussels.
From the hungarians’ point of view the most crucial is: that the situation in Italy, Turkey or Greece is not happening in Hungary. And never should! Is this selfishness? NO! It is dictated by sober thinking.
Why the situation is dangerous?
In reality, the european people became a spoiled, lazy and confortable species in a few decades, which combined with the african or near-eastern instinct of life is a terrible and deadly combination…!
While we would think about values, laws and enlightenment, Africa and the Near-East acts based on the simply survival and instincts. Based on the moral and ethics, we think that they will not do something, just because we would not do it. This is a fatal fault!
The danger mostly comes from the fact, that the illegal immigrants are a great cover for the real islamic warriors and fanatics… But also the presence of the IDEA, that can also infect those who are already here, to become jihadists.
About 1,5 year ago I wrote, that plenty of jihadist are arriving to Europe among the immigrants using the opened-door politics of Merkel! Back in those day the fence on the hungarian border was not already established….

As a consequence not hundreds or thousands, but much more leaked into Europe and made contact with the second and third generation muslims here… They arrived with the exact goal, to make a strike on the ’faithless’, who destroyed their countries and exterminated their families… Or at least they believe it so…

They are not just terrorist, but soldiers, warriors, who have brought Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Lybia to Europe. – as they promised… 

The new world order must be established buttom-up, not top-down… At the end much more is feasible by evading national sovereignty, and destroying step by step, than with an attack executed face to face.”
(Richard Gardner Council on Foreign Relations -1974. april)
Hungarians beyond the borders, settlement bonds, Orbán, Gyurcsány, DK, Együtt, MSZP and liberals…, little hungarian bullshit and grotesk

It would be uncountable to list all the bullshit, that can be heard or read on leftliberal forums, from parties or commentors, but I will try to delight the biggest lies presented as arguments:

- hungarians also steal, and there are murders and robberies on the streets here as well
- „We also came to the Carpathians as immigrants”, therefore we have to accept anyone sent for us as well (Fodor Gábor)
- „Settlement bonds” vs. „colonization and integration of illegal immigrants
- Scolding hungarians beyond the borders, but letting near-eastern and african immigrants in

In case of the colonization and integration everyone is in a great fault, who tries to moralize or tries to answer queastions based on moral issues, rather then focusing on the facts!

Let’s take a look at facts, that do not become a lie, just because Viktor Orbán also said it:
1.     Multiculturalism has failed
2.     The uncontrolled immigration of muslism brings terror as well.
1. Multiculturalism has totally failed and prepares Europe end!  TRUE! 
Europe is already a multicoloured continent with rich cultural diversity thanks to the french, british, spanish, italian, russian, greek and of course hungarian culture. The islamic fundamentalism and the muslim jihad is not something that adds to the culture, but something that is extremely distructive and should be vanished, not supported!

2. Immigrations of muslism bring terror as well and the driver of terrorism is the holly islamic war, the jihad!  TRUE! Is anyone for who it is not clear and it has to be detailed? Because then I can detail it on at least 5 additional pages, but here is the newest article for that

This topic is definately not bout the unfortunate people, who escaped from Syria, Afghanistan (not to mention those from Pakistan, Iraq, Morocco, Lybia, Somalia, Eritrea or Nigera….)

So basically they have all the right to live in peace. I totally agree.

But not with that, that hundreds of thousand or a few millions from the Near-East and Africa would mean no threat and definite life threat with their fanatism and their appearance in Europe.

All this linked with their mentality, and the despondency and unemployment caused by living in a totally different society is a great threat for the recepting society, because soon or later a great part of them will be activated based on the islamic fundamentalism, when „Mohammed calls them into war’. According to the teachings of Koran to ensure the expansion of Islam and to fight against the kafirs.

Unfortunately this mostly means revenge and partly rightful revenge against the West, as their country and their home was bombed, destroyed and pushed into chaos by West, or terrorist groups knowingly established by the West, like al-kaida, the ISIS or the taliben…
But the reception shall not be forced to someone, not to us or to any other people! So they say it should be obligatory exactly in Europe to place and integrate them, however on the other hand the multigeneration immigrants from Morocco or Algeria could not even integrate into their own national countries through the decades, and are living on the periphery of the society from crime or aids, while destroying, killing or robbing the recepting society… People and assets as well…

Not a single treaty exists, that could force any of the member states to accept obligatory colonization regarding any crowd!

I still want to higlight, that I am really supporting the real refugees and to help them.

Their supply must be solved in the nearest peaceful country and they shall be supported to return to their own country and rebuild it!

If someone does not vote just because of obstinacy or the hate of the government, or votes for yes, or even worse is so mentally ill, that goes to the poll and gives an invalid vote, they are really good for nothing.
But it will ensure forever, that those and their representatives can not and must not EVER be allowed to the near of any controlling or decision making position. And the sober part of the hungarians will never let that happen….

The saddest thing is that, if the leftliberal side would be in power in Hungary, then no fence nor national security would exist! I think that the parks of Budapest and the Keleti Railwaystation would be still full of immigrants, like Horgos, Greece or Sicily.  Because what would have stopped them? Nothing!

But that is a great irresponsibility, if the country is only saved by „luck”, that not the left side is in power… It should not be allowed!
We can not found the future of a country or the consistency of societies based on such!

The most degenerated and dumb example, that „Stay at home!”, „DO NOT live with your vote right!”
A democratic party would never suggest such thing… Of course I know, that DK was never like that, but still! Politics itself is about active participation! 
(Gyurcsány in LONDON videó)
MDF failed because of this as well… They suggested to stay home… As MSZP and Gyurcsány suggested to stay home on the 5th of december 2004. as well on that disgraceful referendum…

And what is really not understanded by lots of people, but came to my mind:
Could you imagine today, in Hungary, that:
- Anyone attack a hungarian policeman without a reason?
- Anyone ignites police cars or buses just for fun or as a part of some fight?
- A hungarian boards the Intercity with a machete or an axe to slaughter the others?
- To stop random passers or hit girls, just because someone finds their clothing too light and judges them based on religious belief?
-„Hungarian hordes” going in to any pub, bar or music store to hit the bartender or the vendor, because she/he is selling alcohol or dirty western music?

Can you imagine?? Because I can not about a hungarian!
And of course I am aware that sometimes there are murders, robbery, or sexual abuse and family violence….

Last words, because I spoke way more, then I should…
Since I already know and see the reactions from the opposition side, that can be expected after the referendum, like „not everyone went to vote” and „the opinion of the voters does not represents the opinion of all people”, I have a message for them:
Who participates and votes, will make the decision!
That will be the opinion of Hungary’s citizens…. 
Because if the rest does not have an opinion or does not express it, they can and maybe even shall not be helped, but after the referendum they have the least right to criticise anything or to argue… For them it is just a pseudo-problem and a pseudo-question anyway…
On the other hand the referendum GIVES RIGHT for the upcoming acts and the self-defense with a great power! In case of any penalty, obligation or colonization in the air, we can protect our mother land firmly and determined.
Why can we assume our opinion in the European Board or Parliament:
BECAUSE hungarians decided:
we DO NOT WANT near-eastern and african immigrants. That’s it.
And yes, if it will be 2 million or 4 million people who votes, that will be still the opinion of the hungarians….
If someone have no opinion and did not even tell it, it is better if she/he remains silent… That is democracy. Or it is possible to bark from the edge, but the person will never have any authenticity.
Let’s go and say if she/he
- Yes, wants immigrants to be placed in Hungary
- No, does not want immigrants to be placed in Hungary.
In my opinion everyone should be capable answering a simple yes or no question….
I will say NO, I do not want to….
And as a closure, let’s see the well known and frequently citated presentation of Bill Warner about why nothing can be solved by migration and the acceptance of immigrants. What is more it is more harmful than useful!

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For the english translation Great Thanks for Vera H. and Joci M. It was an enormous help for me!
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